Rustic Tuscan Farm Grain Sieve

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This is a great example of a Tuscan farm grain sieve. For a bold statement, hang this sieve on a wall instead of artwork.  It will look fantastic.

Sieves of all shapes and sizes separated grain from unwanted material. These kinds of sieves were fundamental in Tuscan agricultural with each having a specific use depending on the grain.  Like many things in Tuscany, these tools were made by resourceful farm workers from recycled materials as is the case with this particular sieve.  You can see that the part of the sieve is a circular form repurposed from another sieve, while the rest of the sieve was crafted with two square hand pierced pieces to complete the whole.  Since there were no hardware or farm supply stores around, you made these things from scratch or repurposed something old but, in true Italian fashion, never wasted a thing.

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DIMENSIONS: 46.5"L, 32"W, 6.5"D
MATERIAL: Wood and Metal
AGE: Early to Mid 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany
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