Decorating Your Space with A Touch of Authentic Tuscan Style

Decorating your space with a touch of authentic tuscan style
Tuscan Style – It all starts with Authentic Italian furniture and unique accessories.
Back in 2003  (when I started my business), one thing I noticed was that there were a lot of French and English antique furniture options available but nowhere could I find Italian, or more specifically, Tuscan antique furnishings. Since this is what I loved, I decided to take a trip and do some searching for authentic Tuscan antique furniture straight from the source--Italy! I was on a mission to find wonderful antique farm tables, trunks, benches, artwork and one of a kind pieces you might find in a real Tuscan farmhouse or even in a charming Italian osteria or ristorante. It’s those rustic Tuscan furnishings that make Italy so charming, and if you have traveled there, you know exactly what I mean.
Antique Tuscan Trunk
Just a few simple pieces will do the trick …
For Tuscan style you need a quintessential Tuscan trunk. This one is divided into 3 sections and would be great for storage.
Antique Tuscan Trunk

19th Century Trunk - Tuscany, Italy

A piece of Tuscan antique artwork. This charcoal hand drawing is so realistic it looks like a photograph. 

Antique Italian Hand drawn Sketch

Tuscan Antique Charcoal Drawing - Signed and Dated 1899

This Italian vintage glass 5-liter jar is very nice. It was once used for food in a market.  Today, is makes a great vase or vessel for decorative objects. A customer purchased a similar one to use in his wine cellar for his cork collection.
Antique Italian Vintage Jar

Italian Vintage 5-liter Glass Market Jar

This is a very interesting and charming antique clay pastry mold displayed on some vintage Italian books.  It is a unique decorative piece which would be appreciated by anyone who likes to cook, especially a pastry chef.  I would consider framing this in a shadow box and hanging it on a kitchen wall.

Antique Italian Pastry mold

Italian Antique Pastry Mold

After our first container arrived, I discovered I wasn’t the only person looking for authentic Tuscan Italian antique furniture and artifacts for my home.  Slowly, like-minded Italy lovers and design fans found their way to MERCATO and spread the word. Thanks to the internet, other customers with the same love have now connected with us online as well.

Mary Lies
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