• Shop Mercato’s online marketplace for authentic Italian antiques & artifacts.
  • Explore a rustic collection of unique Italian furnishings and home decor.
  • Indulge in antique pottery and finely-crafted handmade Italian tableware.
  • Mix, match and redefine for effortless Italian style, design and elegance.
  • Experience the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and history of Italy in your home.

We go to Italy. We find great things.

We bring them home.

Antique Glazed Earthenware Jar- 14.5"H - Mercato Antiques - 1
Antique Glazed Terracotta Jar- 18" - Mercato Antiques - 1
Glazed Antique Terracotta Jar- 14.75" - Mercato Antiques - 1
Framed Antique Acanthus Leaf Fragment - Mercato Antiques - 1
Framed Antique Religious Fragment - Mercato Antiques - 1
Framed Italian Antique Tabernacle Door - Mercato Antiques - 1


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