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3 Italian Antique Portable Wine Flasks
Alabaster Profile of Dante Alghieri
Antique Scale - Mercato Antiques - 1
Antique Scale
$ 1,750.00
Antique Wooden Grain Shovel - Mercato Antiques - 1
Italian Antique Cross Fragment - Mercato Antiques - 1
Pair of Italian Antique Church Altar Sticks - Mercato Antiques - 1
Antique Italian Basket Reed Crimper - Mercato Antiques - 1
Antique Copper Cookware Set - Mercato Antiques - 1
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(SOLD)Antique Grain Sieve
Sold Out
(SOLD) Italian Antique Hand Hammered Copper Bowl
Sold Out
(SOLD) Vintage Wood and Iron Storage Container
Sold Out
(SOLD) Pair of Italian Wine Festival  Plaques with Eagles- CIrca 1920 Montalcino
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49 results

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