(SOLD)Antique Grain Sieve

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(SOLD) Large pierced metal grain sieve suspended on a thick rope with a hook. The metal sieve is attached to the wooded frame with hand forged nails.  The detailing is quite nice.

 A sieve "il setaccio" like this would have been hung from a rafter in a storeroom or farmhouse and rocked gently to separate the husks from grain. Today, these sieves are used decoratively. Hung on a wall like a piece of artwork,  this large sieve would certainly make a statement. I have also seen them wired and repurposed as a chandelier.

Overall, this sieve is in good condition.  It is rustic and there is a small patch repair which is shown in the gallery photos.  This repair however, is interesting and adds to the overall rustic feel of this once utilitarian part of Italian countryside living.

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DIMENSIONS: 40"Diameter of the frame (an additional 2" for the side handle) 5.5" frame depth
MATERIAL: Wood and pierced metal
AGE: Late 19th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Central Italy


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