Tuscan Furniture- 2 Unique Pieces for your Home

When I think of Tuscan furniture, I'm thinking about antiques and furniture pieces that have character and a unique story.  My customers are too. They don't want the same furniture everyone else has.
Here are a couple of unique pieces that are Tuscan, one of a kind, and have a unique history. 
I’ve recently added this 18th Century Italian Antique Cabinet to the website.

Tuscan antique cabinet

It’s decorative in a simple and understated way. Everything is original, including the lock and hinges.

Italian Antique Cabinet 18th Century

The cabinet originally came from a convent in the Casentino, a valley that lies north of Arezzo and east of Florence. Dating back to the middle ages, this area provided a haven for many spiritual sanctuaries.


antique kneeler

This antique kneeler came from the same convent.


Italian Antique Prayer Kneeler

It’s very charming.  I like the idea of using it in an unexpected way, for example, as bedside table. There are plenty compartments for storage too.
Both of these pieces are wonderful. They're decorative and definitely Tuscan!
Mary Lies
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