Antique Pottery: A Simple Way to Add Character to a Space

When I am on a buying trip, antique pottery is always on my radar. I’m attracted because it’s rustic, has character and flat out reminds me of Italy. It doesn’t require a lot of space either, which is how I've so easily incorporated some into my own home! Just place a piece on a coffee or dining table, a mantel, bookshelf, or even a counter where you’ll be able to appreciate it every day.

Here are some antique pottery items we find extra unique. 


Sicilian Pot 

This 19th century terracotta glazed pot is from Caltagirone, a town in Sicily which is well known for its ceramics. The colors green, yellow and brown, and a simple motif, are traditional for the area. This particular pot is an exceptional example, and the green painted motif is particularly rich and vibrant. 


Antique Bowls

This hand painted antique bowl is from Italy’s southern region of Puglia.  The antique pottery from Puglia is thick and rustic and this simple blue floral pattern around the rim of the bowl is characteristic.


These look wonderful on a coffee table, counter, or kitchen island. Because they are relatively flat, they can be hung on a wall as well.  I've seen a collection of them hung together and the result is quite beautiful. We have several of these antique bowls listed on the website.


Rustic Tuscan Antique Pot 


This is a wonderful Tuscan antique pot from the late 1800s. It’s very rustic with green painted splatters and a terracotta colored band across its middle. There are some black charred markings and imperfections as you can see in the photos. Sometimes these types of pots were used for cooking beans and other foods, which caused the charred elements on the outside. It’s old, which of course makes this rustic antique pot perfect in every way. 


 Pugliese Marbleized Canister 

The ceramics from the region of Puglia, Italy have a very earthy feel. This Italian Pugliese cylinder-shaped jar was once used as a kitchen canister in the early 20th century. It has its own one of a kind marbling design and is very decorative. The canister also has some imperfections and wear creating a distinguished visual appeal.

We have several other Pugliese marbleized canisters and no two look exactly alike. That is the appeal of one of a kind vintage and antique pottery.


As you can see, Italian pottery is very decorative and can add a lot of character and color to a space. If antique pottery and terracotta are on your radar, we have more listed on our website. Go take a look!

Mary Lies
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