Antique Work Table-  A Versatile piece of furniture.

Antiques add character to a home and a lot of times can be used in many interesting ways. We’ve just added this antique work table to our website that’s a perfect example. This table is super attractive and very versatile. When I came across this table on one of my antiquing adventures in Italy, I was immediately smitten. Everyone who comes into the store comments on it, and they have some great ideas on how the table should be used. I can’t wait to see what a customer ends up doing with it. 

Italian antique serving board

antique kitchen island

antique work table home decor

 Here are some ideas on how this antique work table can be used:



  • Many people like the idea of the table being used as an island in a small kitchen. This was the first thought I had when I came across it in Italy. Nothing beats a great looking antique table or piece that serves as the focal point of a kitchen. It’s where everyone hangs out when you entertain and have people over for dinner. Honestly, I would rather keep the cabinets simple and invest in the antique work table as the “wow” factor. No one will make a fuss over the cabinets, but everyone will remember that kitchen island.


  • Another use would be as a sideboard, credenza or buffet in a dining area. This antique table would certainly be a beautiful and decorative piece, but it’s also practical and useful when you have company. The table is deep enough to accommodate a variety of colorful platters of antipasti for entertaining. I have a large work bench in my home and this is how I use it during the holidays. Everyone loves a unique piece of furniture used this way and it makes the experience feel more special. 


  • Someone came into the store the other day and thought the table would be perfect in a laundry room. Baskets underneath, and the top used for folding laundry. Her idea of a laundry room is much larger than mine, but I must say, if you have the space, it’s a wonderful idea.


  • We’ve had interior designers purchase unique pieces like this table for boutique hotels or high-end clothing stores. I can certainly see how this would be a useful and impressive table in a boutique hotel or store. It’s also the kind of thing I would expect to seeGood taste in furniture reflects the “boutique” concept and is a significant part of the unique experience.


  • This antique work table would be wonderful in a large wine cellar. Pull up some stools and have a glass or two of wine. We have some stools around it at the store, and trust me, it feels more sophisticated and special sitting at this antique table than just sitting around a new table. Antique pieces like this just make you feel that way. They have soul. 


  • Lastly, this table would look wonderful set up as a bar. Maybe against a wall with a large, pretty mirror or some interesting artwork. Add lots of pretty wine and liquor bottles of different colors on top, organized on a large tray. I can imagine that, can you?  


 If you like this work table and would like to see and learn more about it, please reach out. Keep in mind that I am available for a “virtual” appointment if you can’t make it to the store.

Mary Lies
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