SOLD) Italian Antique Balcony- Naples, Italy

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(SOLD) Italian antique balcony. This Italian antique balcony is from Naples, Italy. The iron rust and light blue color combination and patina is wonderful. The balcony bar rod on the left front side corner is detached but can easily be attached.  A very small iron foot on the lower right side is missing. At the base of the balcony, the left back side extends further back than the left. The side rail on the right hand side consists of the loose corner rod, then an arch and then another rod.  The right hand side of the balcony rail has 1 rod in the front corner and then an arch.

Refer to photo gallery to see the corner and the detached rod on the ground next to it, as well as any other details mentioned.  

Overall, this antique  balcony is very sturdy and truly a beautiful architectural piece.

*This antique balcony requires special shipping. Please contact MERCATO for a shipping quote.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 39.5", Width: 83.25"
Depth: Top rail left side is 21.5"D. The base on the left side is 30"D
Depth: Top rail on the right side is 19.25". The base on the right side is 18.5"
AGE: late 18th century
ORIGIN/REGION: Naples, Italy
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