Vintage Italian Poster- Coat of Arms

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This is a really wonderful vintage poster with the coat of arms of the municipalities in the province of Florence, Italy.  Greve in Chianti (known for wine of course) Impruneta (known for its terra-cotta), Prato (textiles and fabrics), and many others!

Very colorful and unique. Perfect for anyone who loves Italy! Especially the region of Tuscany.

This poster is sturdy. It’s on a heavier poster board-like material. Not thin poster paper. The colors were made to look more antique-like and old-world.  There is a bit of masking tape on the back side where the poster had been taped inside of a frame at one point. The tape is only on the back,  is not sticky, and does not compromise the poster in any way.

AGE: Mid to Late 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany, Florence

This item will be shipped in a heavy cardboard shipping tube.

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