Rustic Italian Serving Bowl - Large, White

$ 40.00

Our Rustic Italian serving bowls are timeless classics. The design and color remains unchanged from its antique counterparts produced years ago. Handmade by potters in Puglia, Italy, the serving bowls in this collection are glazed with a beautiful creamy white on the inside and top rim, and, true to tradition, remain unglazed on the outside. These serving bowls are great for serving vegetables or side dishes or even to display the fresh produce just brought home from the market.  

Please note that these bowls are rustic and there are glaze drips and other handmade characteristics that make them so unique. In the photo gallery we have included a picture of the large and medium bowl for comparison.  The large bowl is on the right side side.  It wider and not quite as tall as the medium bowl.

DIMENSIONS: 10" Diameter, 5.5" High
MATERIAL: Glazed Terra Cotta
AGE: New
ORIGIN/REGION: Handmade in Puglia, Italy
CARE: Hand Wash
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