(SOLD) Antique Tuscan Side Table

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This antique side table from the 17th century is from Siena, Italy in Tuscany. The top is Octagonal and it has a single drawer with a wooden pull.  There is an enclosed cupboard below.  The detail is very nice with fine hand forged hinges and a peg closure.  It's a very nice Tuscan piece.

Please note in the gallery photos that there are imperfections in the wood.  You can see this clearly on the front panel.  The wood has some splitting on the top and there are a couple of pegs missing from the top which is what keeps the top attached to the base.  They are on opposite sides and ends though, so the top stays attached, no problem.  These are the things that add to the overall character of the piece and what one would expect with a Tuscan antique piece of furniture.   It's very unique and attractive.  You wouldn't want to change a thing!

* This antique side table will require special shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

DIMENSIONS: 25.5"H, 29"W, 28"D
AGE: 17th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany, Siena






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