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A circa 1820 Austrian Biedermeier birch wood tilt top table on a central column with three scrolled legs. The color and wood on this table are beautiful. 

Tilt top tables were crafted to tilt, so when not in use, they could be placed against a wall and not take up space. Biedermeier furniture was stylistically simple and elegant.  Austrian craftsmen used locally available materials such as cherry, ash, birch and oak wood rather than expensive timers, such as imported mahogany which would have been heavily taxed.

This table is antique so there are some imperfections as one would expect with an antique table from the early 19th century. The top has an barely noticeable light ring mark, the wood near the edge has a small split which does not compromise the table in any way, and there are two diamond shaped engraved marks on the center of the table which blend in with the wood burl.   These imperfections of course, look wonderful and are a part of authentic antique furniture.

*This tilt top table will require special shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

DIMENSIONS: 30"H, 40" X 39"
MATERIAL: Birch Wood
AGE: Circa 1820
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