(SOLD) Italian Antique Dining Table - Seats 8

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This Italian antique dining table seats eight. The table has one drawer and the legs are distinctly curved near the bottom, a characteristic of tables from the Veneto region in Italy, which is where it is from. We have demonstrated in the gallery photos how this antique table is quite versatile and could also function as a console or desk.

As with all antiques, this table has imperfections and visible wear, which can also be referred to as the patina. This is what makes this table unique and desirable. Please note the corner of the table where a small piece of wood is missing. We thought this to be the most distinct wear on the table to highlight in a gallery photo.

* This table will require special shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

DIMENSIONS: 31.5"H, 25" to apron,  91"L X 31"W
MATERIAL: Spruce/Pine
AGE: CIrca 1860-80
ORIGIN/REGION: Veneto, Italy


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