(SOLD Italian Antique Hall Bench from a Palazzo- (Bench A and 1 of 2 available)

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1 of 2 available Italian antique hall benches from a Palazzo in the region of Marche. The paint on the wooden antique bench (circa 1780) is original. These types of benches were found in entranceways to important villas and palazzos throughout Italy. Le Marche, the region situated below Venice, became known for its high quality but simpler painted furniture as many of the artisans of the time moved south.

Please note that in the photo gallery, which shows a pair of benches, that this bench is the bench in the foreground. It's mate, is very similar but is slightly longer (approx. 2").  This bench is very sturdy and suitable for sitting. There are places where the wood is worn (as would be expected) and the overall aesthetic is exceptional.

* This antique bench will require special shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

DIMENSIONS: 33.5" back height,  93.5"L, 20" overall bench depth, 18.5" seat height,  15"seat depth
MATERIAL: Walnut, Paint
AGE: CIrca 1780
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Marche


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