(SOLD) Pair of Italian Vintage Industrial Stools

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(SOLD) These Italian vintage industrial stools are really great. The light blue painted seats are very worn and full of character as a result from the everyday usage in the Italian factory from which they came.  They are adjustable and are very comfortable and sturdy for everyday usage.

The stools have a bit of history. They came from and were used in the Falck Factory in Dongo which is on the edge of Lake Como In Italy. The area of Dongo was found to be rich in iron ore so mining was established there in the 18th century. In the late 19th century GIorgio Falck set up the foundry which produced steel and ghisa. The factory enjoyed its heyday during the mid 20th century but slowly declined after the1980's and eventually closed its doors in 2009.


DIMENSIONS: 26.25"H at the highest notch, 16.25"H at the lowest notch, Diameter of the seat 12.5"
MATERIAL: Steel with paint
AGE: Mid 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Lombardy
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