(SOLD) Rustic Italian Terracotta Bowl

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This bowl, once used for cooking, came from the area of Lake Trasimeno in the province of Perugia in the central Italian region of Umbria. The color is a warm rust brown which is typical for this kind of Italian terracotta cookware. It would have been used to make hearty foods like stew and in this case, most likely a fish stew considering the proximity to the lake.  There are handles on both sides and a slightly visible indentation for pouring.  The pot is thick and heavy and based on the rich patina and its charred markings, has cooked many meals.  I would use this bowl today in a decorative way. This terracotta piece (circa 1920) has aged nicely and has comforting and nourishing vibes.  It’s definitely food for the eyes.

DIMENSIONS: 17" Diameter, 4.5"Height
MATERIAL: Glazed Terracotta
AGE: Circa 1920
ORIGIN/REGION: Umbria, Italy
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