(SOLD) Rustic Pugliese Antique Pot

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(SOLD)This cylinder shaped terracotta crock is from the region of Puglia, Italy.  The ochre color glaze and shape is very characteristic of this area.  It was originally used to preserve foods. 

If you like rustic pottery, this is a nice piece.  It is very chippy and worn as it would have been well used in an Italian home.  Today, it makes a very nice decorative piece of antique pottery.

If you would like to use this pot for flowers, as we have shown in the gallery photos, we suggest using an inexpensive flower vase inside of this antique piece to serve as a kind of liner.  Antique pottery becomes more porous over time and the water could possibly weep if poured directly into the pot.   We didn't test to see if in fact that is the case with this pot.

DIMENSIONS: 13.75"H, 10"D
MATERIAL: Terracotta, Glaze
AGE: Circa 1900
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Puglia
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