(SOLD) Tuscan Antique Bench

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(SOLD) This Italian antique bench has lots of Tuscan charm and would be ideal in a hallway, entryway or at the foot of a bed. At our shop, we have it around a large Tuscan table and it looks very nice used like this as well. Originally, this circa 1910 Tuscan bench was made to be used against a wall.  One side is more finished than the other as we have noted in one of the gallery photos.  Tuscan antique furniture was handmade and practical.  The parts that were not seen were not fully decorated, or in this case, the wood on the top part of the backside, is not fully stained.

The upholstery work (done for us in Italy) is new.  The fabric, grain sacks, are in neutral colors and work in any decor. We’ve highlighted the initials of the grain sack in the upholstery work.  The initials are KS which happen to be the abbreviation for the state of Kansas in which we are located.  The initials just add a bit more interest to an already wonderful bench. 

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DIMENSIONS: 21"H, 78.25"L X17.75"D
AGE: Circa 1910
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy


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