Tuscan Antique Gate and Fence Section (SOLD)

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This 19th century Tuscan antique wrought iron gate and fence section has wonderful patina and detailing.   The gate door swings open and close at the hinges as you can see in one of the gallery photos.

We have seen some of the wonderful things our customers have done with antique wrought iron fences and gates they have purchased from us in the past. They have repurposed them into bed headboards, mirrors and room dividers just to name a few. This particular piece of antique fencing is interesting enough to hang on a wall like a piece of artwork. It has great character and would really make a statement.


With antiques of any kind, imperfections are what make them unique. Since you are viewing this online, we thought would point out the most obvious in the photo gallery. In one photo the top spike is missing and in another photo you will see one of the knobs on the top railing was repaired at one point. It is not loose at all however. Please note that there are other imperfections as well. These are the two most obvious if you were to look closely.

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DIMENSIONS: 48"H, 64.25”W, 1.75"D at lock on gate, 1"D everywhere else.
MATERIAL: wrought iron
AGE: Late 19th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy
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