(SOLD)Tuscan Antique Step Ladder

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(SOLD) This simple step ladder had many functions in Tuscan villas and farmhouses, such as helping reach the top of large barrels of wine to check on fermentation, holding plants in the limonaia (greenhouse for citrus plants), to climbing into bed.  Today, an interesting way to use this antique step ladder would be as a bedside table,  It would be functional, yet very decorative.  There could be of course, many other uses for an interesting piece such as this.

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DIMENSIONS: 42"H, 23"W, 30.5"D- 

There is 9.75” between the top step and the next.  9.5” between the other steps.The top surface of each step is 6”deep.

MATERIAL: Wood, Pine

AGE: Late 19th /Early 20th Century

ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany
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