(SOLD) Vintage Italian Coffee Table

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(SOLD) We believe that if this vintage Italian coffee table could speak (and you could understand Italian), it would have many stories to tell.  Based on its worn top and shape, it most likely started out as a workbench but today it could make the perfect coffee table.  The overall color is a very wonderful variation of seafoam green which can only be described as stunning.

As far as the condition, the table has plenty of worn charm which of course is the aesthetic.  The top has a couple of splits as you can see in the gallery photos.  This does not, however, compromise the top's performance as nothing is loose or unlevel. On the side near one of the corners a piece of wood split off some time ago revealing a natural color that can be seen in the picture styled with a chair.  This is an old imperfection and the wood is smooth.  This imperfection does not detract from the beauty of the table, it simply compliments the overall appearance.

This rustic workbench will make a very unique statement as a coffee table and be coveted by anyone who sees it.


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DIMENSIONS: 23.5"H, 59"W, 31"D
AGE: Early to Mid 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany


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