(SOLD) Vintage Italian School Desk

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(SOLD) This is a fun piece of furniture.  It’s a double bank Italian school desk from the first part of the 20th century.  The base and legs are painted brown and the top is ebonized and  complete with glass inkwells.  When you open the top, you will notice graffiti. A few names with a date of 02/28/1940 and then in bold letters, the last name of Pasquini dated 1922.  Oh the mischievous antics of children!

I would put this desk in a hallway or entryway.  It’s an interesting piece aesthetically and would be practical too.  I would use it for unopened mail as I bring it in the house as well as a place to store house and car keys.  How would you use this unique piece of furniture?

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DIMENSIONS: 32.25"H, 67.5"W, 19"D
MATERIAL: Painted and Ebonized Wood
AGE: Early 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy
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