Italian Antique Pottery and Earthenware from Southern Italy

I have a thing for Italian antique pottery and earthenware - rustic pieces that were once functional, as well as, interesting looking or pretty.  I guess this kind of pottery would be considered “decorative arts” and for me, it truly is.  I decorate with it often.

Italian Antiques Pottery & Earthenware from Southern Italy

When collecting these pieces I always like to know how a particular vintage or antique piece of pottery was used. Books can be a great resource to understanding the history of these unique pieces. I picked up this informative book a couple of years ago called Keramik aus Suditalien  which in German means Ceramics from Southern Italy!

Mercato Italian Antiques & Artifacts Book Review

Here are some examples of the traditional pottery both from the book, as well as, some examples of what we have available here at MERCATO.

 Italian Ceramic Antique Bowl from Southern Italt

This rustic little earthenware pot is called a “pignate”.  Most of these pots have two handles and were used to cook beans.  The book refers this kind of a pot as the epitome of rustic ceramics.  It’s true.  They weren’t decorated because they were utilitarian and just placed in the fire to slowly cook beans.  Who knew that this small charming pot would be coveted today as a unique and decorative piece!

Authentic Italian Earthenware Online

(in shop at MERCATO)

Authentic Italian Antiques online

(image via Keramik aus Suditalien)

Here’s a quintessential water and wine pitcher from Puglia, Italy.  The shape is unique, always with a pinched mouth and usually painted with simple and non-figurative motifs.  

Puglia Italy Antique Water Pitcher For Sale Online

(in shop at MERCATO)

Antique Italian Water Pitcher

(image via Keramik aus Suditalien)

You’ll find a bit of diversity with these charming antique bowls. They were decorated with  different shapes and floral patterns to add some beauty to everyday life.  A grouping hung on a wall or a couple on a coffee table is how I would use them to decorate today.

Antique italian bowl from southern italy online
(in shop at MERCATO)
Italian Antique ceramic bowls

If it’s something historical and unique you’re on the hunt for, MERCATO always has antique pottery available because we are so fond of it and fortunately, our customers are too! Let us know your thoughts on these charming pieces in the comments below!

Mary Lies
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