MERCATO Improves Shopping for Antiques & Dinnerware Online

Welcome - My name is Mary and I am the owner of MERCATO Italian Antiques and Artifacts. If you’ve never been here - or it’s been awhile - you’ll see we’ve updated our website and our new online store is up and running.  Since 2003 we have been traveling to Italy hand sourcing Italian antique furniture, Italian antique decorative objects and handmade Italian tableware.

Shop antiques online with the imrpoved Mercato Italian Antiques & Artifacts


When I started MERCATO, one of my good friends helped me with selling online. The results were good so I created my own website which in turn, helped make MERCATO available to people looking for authentic Italian antique furniture and other unique decorative accessories. Fast forward to now, like other technologies, websites have changed dramatically and for the better. We’ve thought carefully about your online buying experience and hope you like the changes to our online store.


Shop authentic antiques online with the new Mercato


First you’ll notice a wealth of beautiful product images. We’ve improved the image resolution and you’re now able to place your cursor over photos to magnify the images.  With antiques and other handmade products, such as our Italian dinnerware, surfaces and textures are important.  The functionality of the new online store will help you see these kinds of things more clearly.


Shop authentic antiques online with the new Mercato


Here is an example. Take a look at this Tuscan Farm Table. By scrolling over the image you’ll quickly notice the variation of texture and wood grain in this beautiful Tuscan table.

Authentic Italian Tuscan Farm Table 

Second you’ll notice we are adding more video of products.  Many of you have told us they are helpful and we appreciate the feedback. We believe the videos really help bring our products to life by easily showing the size, color, and texture of each unique piece. Here is a video of this authentic Italian antique terra cotta jar



MERCATO has always depended on word of mouth and that exists online thanks to social media.  We appreciate your help in spreading the word by sharing what you see from MERCATO that might be of interest to your friends.  It really helps our online visibility just as good old fashioned word of mouth brings people through the door. 

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