Decorating with Antiques: Incorporating Authentic Tuscan Decor

Decorating with Antiques Incorporating Authentic Tuscan Decor

I have quite a few interior design and decorating books by Caroline Clifton­-Mogg. One of my favorites, Tuscan Escapes, is mostly about inspirational homes in Tuscany, Italy. It is a great visual reference on Italian antique furniture and accessories to incorporate into your home for Tuscan decor style. The book is full of beautiful images of Italian design and Tuscan farmhouses restored with much care.

Tuscan Escapes

Image via

Decorating with Antiques: Using an Antique Woodworker's Bench

Here are images of an antique woodworker’s bench being used in a kitchen as the island. We have sold several of these antique benches in the past. All were going to be used in interesting ways.

Decorating with Antiques: Tuscan Decor 

Decorating with Antiques: Tuscan Decor

Images via Tuscan Escapes

I was so happy to receive a photo from a customer showing how they used their antique woodworkers bench as a table in their home.

Decorating with Antiques: Authentic Tuscan Decor

The bench/table was quite large and admired by many at the store. People still ask me about it, wanting to know where it went and how it was going to be used. The couple that purchased the antique bench were renovating and had the piece in mind during the process. They were able to create a space for entertaining where they could sit around the antique bench, sip a little vino and relax.

Decorating with Antiques: Using Antique Doors

Images via Tuscan Escapes

Images via Tuscan Escapes

Images via Tuscan Escapes

In Tuscan homes, you’ll also find the use of antique doors in wonderful ways.

Decorating with Antiques: Authentic Tuscan Decor

Here is a picture of an authentic Tuscan farmhouse (fattoria) door we had at the store. A customer purchased this door to use in the interior of his home as an entryway coat closet. Here is a photo of it being framed into the home.

Decorating with Antiques: Authentic Tuscan Decor
This Tuscan home (located in Kansas) is going to be spectacular.

Decorating with Antiques: Using Antique Farm Tables

In Italy, it is a very important to have a place to gather, both inside and outside, for a great meal with family and friends.

Decorating with Antiques: Using Antique Tables

Decorating with Antiques: Using Antique Farm Tables

Images via Tuscan Escapes

Of course many of the Tuscan farmhouses and homes include large farmhouse dining tables and we have a nice selection of those at MERCATO! 

Decorating with Antiques: Authentic Tuscan Farm Tables
When it comes to decorating with antiques, all you need is a piece or two of authentic Tuscan antique furniture or decorative accessories to transport you into that wonderful relaxed Tuscan lifestyle frame of mind!


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