Buon Ricordo Plate Whimsy

Who can resist these Buon Ricordo Plates? They are hand-painted in the Italian town  Vietri Sul Mare which is located on the Amalfi coast. 

collection of buon ricordo plates from Italy

These whimsical plates were created for restaurants throughout Italy that belong to the Buon Ricordo Union which was founded in 1964. Each plate represents the regional culinary specialty of every member restaurant. 

Manuelina Recco Buon Ricordo Plate

Buon Ricordo Plate- Recco


la pavana recco italy buon ricordo plate 

Buon Ricordo Plate- Rubano


vipiteno italy buon ricordo plate

Buon Ricordo Plate- Vipiteno


 Buon Ricordo translated means "good memory" and these souvenir plates were to provide the patrons with good memories of a good evening and a good meal at a particular restaurant.

Three Buon Ricordo plates make a nice collection. 

vietri sul mare buon ricordo plates

vietri sul mare buon ricordo

Buon Ricordo Plate- Porto San Giorgio


italian buon ricordo alessandria

Buon Ricordo Plate- Alessandria


italian restaurant plate milano

Buon Ricordo Plate- Milano


You must take a look at the other Buon Ricordo plates we have available.  There are many fun combinations to put together!

Mary Lies
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