The Character of Antique Tables

Italian antique tables


  A dining table is something we use everyday and really for the most important part of our lives—gathering with family and friends for meals and celebrations.  If we have discussed tables at my shop, you know I am a bit fanatical about them. Yes, there are plenty of new tables out there that are very nice but if you are looking for a table with character, an antique table is a great choice. 

  Consider the definition of character, and this is literally copied and pasted from Google...  

“The quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way.

  In Italy, antique tables weren’t mass-produced like tables nowadays. These tables have characteristics that speak to the area they were made. Since they all are different and made by artisan wood workers, they are sometimes wonderfully quirky. Best of all, antique tables all share that wonderful worn patina that just can’t be reproduced. 

antique table


 This Italian antique table has it all, good looks and practicality combined because it can be used in a number of ways. In a small kitchen or living space, this table seats 2 when closed...

antique kitchen table

 and the top opens up to seat 4 comfortably for dining.

antique entry table

small antique table

  This table can also be used as an entry hall table or small side table that could be expanded in size when needed.  If you like to entertain it is always nice to have extra surface space for appetizers and desserts or additional table seating for dining.

 You move the top so it is perpendicular to the legs and the base of the table then lift the top of the table to open.  The underside offers additional storage which is also a nice detail.

 If you are looking for a dining table with some character, good news! In a couple of weeks our shipment will be here from our buying trip in Italy. We found some really great tables too. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what is coming.


Mary Lies
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