Framed Italian Antique Tile Artwork

Italian Antique Tile Artwork

Don’t you just love the colorful hand painted antique tiles of Italy? If you have ever traveled to Italy or admired Italian decor, you are most likely  familiar with them.

Italian Decor

Framed tile - Tan, Blue and White

These colorful tiles are used on floors, walls, backsplashes and in many other creative and decorative ways.  

We have framed these tiles to be displayed as a unique pieces of artwork.

Italian decor

Italian antique tile

italian tiles hand painted

Blue and White Antique Tile

  Every tile is  hand painted and its own unique piece of artwork.  Also, when the tiles are antique like these,  they have a wonderful patina. 

italian antiques store

Framed Italian antique tile

hand painted Italian tile

 One framed tile looks great by itself,  however,  displayed and hung in a grouping looks very nice as well. 

Italian artwork

framed antique tile from italy

Blue, White and Yellow Antique Tile

blue and white antique tiles from Italy

Light Blue, Dark Blue and White Hand Painted Tile

framed blue and white Italian antique tile

These framed antique tiles make an interesting and colorful statement.   I have several in my own home and everytime I get a glimpse of one it conjures up good feelings about fun times spent in Italy.


Mary Lies
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