Tuscan and Italian Country Homes- Two books I Like to Recommend

I have purchased many books about Italian Decor and have shared them with customers over the years.  Here are a couple of favorites.  They both happen to be books by Caroline Clifton-Mogg who has other interior design books that are very good as well.  These books are not recent releases, but I believe they can still be purchased on Amazon.

 The Italian homes and decor in these books are very stylish and unique.  The description of each book below is the author’s.

 Italian Country Living

Italian country living decor

“The first part of Italian Country Living explores the essential ingredients of the style, taking in color and texture—the distinctively clear but subtle palette—before looking at the inimitable mixture of simplicity and comfort evident in furniture and fabrics, and going on to admire the innate gift of the Italians for living outside with the same panache as they do indoors.

The second part looks in more detail at individual country houses.  Whether Rustic, Contemporary, Eclectic, or Traditional in character, these homes offer myriad ideas for interior  decoration that are easily translatable into other lives and cultures. Modern and lively, classical and subtle, and always with a sense of the traditional and presence of the surrounding landscape, Italian country living is a necessity for all those who long for la dolce vita.” 


Tuscan Escapes

Tuscan Escapes-inspirational homes in Tuscany and Umbria

 Inspirational homes in Tuscany and Umbria.


“The book is divided into four parts, each paying tribute to a different style of home.  Natural Charm celebrates rustic houses, characterized by an earthy decorative palette, whose interior design is rooted in the ancient rural traditions of Tuscany.  Stylish Simplicity looks at modern interpretations of Tuscan style—from a high-ceilinged barn, now a light and airy loft, to a converted village school.  Classic Elegance focuses on larger country homes, restored according to a grand decorative design, yet still remaining warm and welcoming, while Idyllic Artistry is devoted to a more eclectic highly colorful approach to Tuscan living.

 Combining inspiration with a wealth of practical suggestions, Tuscan Escapes offers myriad ideas for interior design and decoration that can easily be transferred into other lives and cultures.”


Mary Lies
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