Tuscan Wall Decor: A Few Ideas for Your Home


If you are looking for Tuscan wall decor or Italian art for your walls, look no further! Our Italian wall decor and artwork is authentic and sourced directly from Italy on our buying trips.   Here are a few examples...



 Etchings are artwork that I see often in Italy. You’ll find etchings everywhere from Palazzos to country farmhouses. A series of very fine lines make up the image of an etching. The lines making up the image in the artwork are made in two ways, either created with acid or by scratching into a plate. Ink is then applied to the plate, which is then pressed into paper. Look closely and you’ll see an indentation in the paper that was the size of the plate used in this process. 


Three 18th Century Italian Etchings


Etched Lines and Indention from Pressing the Plate with Ink into Paper


 Architectural Antiques- Drawings and Salvage

When I was a study abroad student in Florence, Italy many years ago, I discovered that there are lots of architects in Italy! I find architectural drawings and artwork such as these very interesting.

antique architectural drawing

Antique Pencil and Watercolor of an Architectural Facade 


antique pencil and watercolor of a building column

Antique Pencil and Watercolor of an Architectural Column


 Architectural salvage used as artwork can really look wonderful as well. The worn paint on this antique Tuscan door looks like a beautiful abstract painting.

 Antique Painted Door Architectural Salvage

Tuscan Antique Door from the Late 18th Century


Painted Tuscan Antique Door Colors

Colors on an Antique Tuscan Door


 Oil Paintings

In Italy, there are many magnificent oil paintings. All of the masterpieces we read about in art class and paintings we see in museums are oil paintings. On my buying trips, I have found many wonderful vintage and antique reproductions by unknown artists and art students. Even though the paintings are a bit naiver, I appreciate these works of art because the colors are rich and reminiscent of the old world. I like the idea of these artists honing their skills and that we can appreciate their work and efforts today.


 Italian Antique Oil Painting

Antique Oil Painting Reproduction (dated 1880) of Cristiano Banti's Painting (1857)  Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition in his Trial of 1633


Galileo oil painting

Painting of the Trial of Galileo Galilei


Farmhouse Tools or Implements

If you’re like me and love a Tuscan farmhouse feel, then incorporate items in your home that were used on an actual Tuscan farm. This kind of wall art is creative and interesting. When done thoughtfully it can also look very sophisticated and high end. Here are a couple of examples.

tuscan grain sieve

Tuscan Grain Sieve 



Circular Antique Grain Sieve



 Posters, Maps or Charts

These things are just fun and I consider them Italian wall art.  Because they are truly Italian, they still feel very unique and you’ll appreciate seeing them in your home because they will remind you of Italy. 

Vintage Geography School Chart

Vintage Geography School Chart


You’ll find many other examples and ideas for Tuscan wall decor and Italian artwork on our website. 



Mary Lies
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