Rustic Italian Decor: An 18th century Tuscan desk, a mid century desk light and an original piece of antique artwork.

This 18th century Tuscan antique desk fits the rustic Italian decor vibe perfectly.  The finish of this desk shows its age.

Italian Decor with Tuscan antique desk, vintage lamp and antique artwork

Rustic antique desk from Tuscany.

Rustic Italian Decor 

The visible and authentic wear of the desk can only be achieved by time. This look is the coveted aesthetic.  Originally, the desk had been faux painted, which was a technique often used to make an inexpensive wood look expensive.  Some of the trim details are ebonized, which was another technique used for the purpose of elevating the look of the desk. Today, the look of this Tuscan desk is indeed very rustic, and, true to Italian decor,  looks fabulous without trying too hard. 


Vintage brass desk lamp

Vintage Desk Lamp

 On the back shelf of the desk we’ve added a vintage brass gooseneck lamp.  The lamp is actually French. The mixing of pieces from different provenances is often seen in Italian decor.  France is a neighboring country and some parts were actually Italy during different times in history and vice versa! You’ll also see a mix of time periods in Italian decor.  The circa 1950’s lamp looks very stylish on the late 18th century desk. On the wall, the antique artwork, from over 100 years ago, fits in nicely with this rustic Italian decor look as well. 


Italian antique artwork

Antique Watercolor

Lastly, no Italian decor would be complete without original artwork.  This antique watercolor, signed by Florentine artist Morando Morandi, is beautifully executed. It’s of a carved panel from a ceiling in an Arabic Palace.  The skills of this artist are demonstrated by the depth and variations of grey and shading, which show a realistic view of this study. Italian decor always reflects a genuine appreciation for the arts, with tasteful choices of original artwork often displayed in the interiors of rustic country homes to elegant Palazzos.

Italian Decor

Rustic Italian Decor styled with an 18th Century desk, vintage desk light and an antique watercolor painting.

All Antiques are Hand Sourced in Italy by MERCATO, and are available on our website.






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