Travel Tips for Italy

Travel Tips for Italy



One question I get all of the time from customers who are traveling to Italy, is how to use their cell phones internationally.  Early on in my business I had an Italian cell phone, then I used an international calling call, then I moved on to skype.  Well, thanks to the children of my friends (who are quite worldly and more updated on technology), I discovered the phone app called Viber.  This is a free download and you can call or text to anywhere for free as long as you have WiFi access and are connecting to other Viber users. You can also buy Viber credit if you need to call other mobiles or landlines and the per minute charges are very low.   When you install the app on your phone, your contact list is downloaded and you will have access to anyone from your list who is already a viber user. The good news is that the app is very easy to install and use. Be sure to turn off your phone's cellular data and data roaming to avoid any roaming charges. Do that before you get on your international flight.


There is another app called WhatsApp.  This is free texting to anyone.   Again, the install/download is easy.



This tip is very important.  Did you know that your passport expiration date is not really the passport expiration date? For example, travel dates to and from Italy must be prior to the last 3 months of the expiration date or you will not be allowed to board the plane.  For some countries that time frame is 6 months.  Always check. You can find out more about this on the US Passports & International travel website.


Next week I’m off to Italy.  I’m ready. I have my apps downloaded and my passport expiration date is good. 

We will be posting pics to facebook and instagram (@mercatoantiques) 

Mary Lies
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