Unique Artwork from Long Ago

Unique Artwork from Long Ago



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Since 2003 I have been traveling to Italy to hand source Italian Antiques and decorative objects.   An advantage to hand selecting beautiful furniture and decorative items in Italy (I know, it's a tough job) is learning a bit about history and how things were once done or made.  Someone came into the store the other day and was looking at our Italian illuminated manuscripts.  I enjoyed visiting with this person and discussing a bit of the background information of the artwork.

Antique music manuscripts are interesting to music lovers or anyone who likes and can appreciate the history behind them.  Better yet, they’re beautiful.



Music manuscripts were handwritten by scribes and illustrated on parchment. They were time consuming to make and the materials used were expensive, therefore, these were considered art. Manuscripts were only found in churches or in private chapels of the wealthy.

Each framed antique manuscript is an individual page of what would have been a large bound missal for a Catholic mass. 



Tempera paints were used for the musical notations and beautiful illustrations.



Each manuscript page is floated within its frame to highlight the texture of the parchment, which was the manuscript writing surface during the medieval times and prior to the use of paper. 

Please contact us if you too would like to discuss these unique pieces of artwork.








Mary Lies
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