(SOLD) 18th Century Italian Painted Corner Cabinet

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(SOLD) This elegant 18th century antique corner cabinet came from a private villa near Florence. The cabinet, with its yellow exterior, scalloped shaped shelves and delicate blue painted interior, is truly wonderful.  The curiosity of this piece is the little drawer which, rather than pulling out directly, is hinged and swings out to one side. It’s a thoughtful and clever detail which prevents the drawer from falling out (if it weren’t hinged) because of its irregular shape.  Originally made with  cabinet doors and most likely glass fronts, these are missing now.  You can see the door hinges in the gallery photos on the right side.  This does not take away from the aesthetic of the cabinet.  It really just lends to its age and authenticity.

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DIMENSIONS: 80.5"H, 39.25"W at the top cornice, 35"W the body of the cabinet, 23.5" D
MATERIAL: Chestnut wood
AGE: 18th Century- Circa 1760
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Florence
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