(SOLD) 2 Hand-Tinted Prints - Scenes from Babylonia

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(SOLD) Two of a set of 12 hand-tinted prints depicting scenes from Babylonia: the destruction of the tower and the mythical figures fighting gladiators in an amphitheater.

Babylonia was an ancient empire that existed in the Near East in southern Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. It was though to be a mythical city, cited in the bible, however remains were discovered in the late 19th century with subsequent excavations.

Transcribed in black is Marfisa, followed by a number. It's uncertain of the relationship of this name with the images but Marfisa is a character in the Italian romantic epics Orlando Innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardo and Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. Marfisa, at one point, becomes queen of India and fights as a warrior for the Saracens, who were an Arab race from the area in which Babylonia was located.

Please note condition of these antique prints in the gallery.  The print numbered 10  is slightly thicker than the one numbered on 9 because it is adhered to another piece of paper backing. It is not noticeable, you can only feel the difference when you pick up the prints. Number 10 also has a few visible holes at the top of the print.  If you like antiques, it is these kinds of things we view as character.

DIMENSIONS: Each Print is 18.25" W, 12.50"H
MATERIAL: Paper, Hand-tinting
AGE: Early to Mid 19th Century, Hand-Tinted Later
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