3 Italian Antique Portable Wine Flasks

$ 750.00
SKU: 0786

This set of 3 portable Italian antique hand blown glass and reed woven flasks are decorative today but were once used out in the Tuscan countryside by farm workers. The flasks, which have woven straps for portability, were used by Tuscan farm workers to take out into the fields while they worked.  They started the day early and even breakfast (for a farm worker in Italy) would have included a little vino. 

DIMENSIONS: Large- 16.75"H, 10.5"W, 5.25"D  Medium- 16"H, 9.5"W, 4"D  Small- 12.5"H, 7.5"W
MATERIAL: Hand Blown Glass, Woven Reed
AGE: The Bottles are 19th Century, The wicker may have been redone early 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany




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