(SOLD) Ink and Charcoal Sketch by Mino Maccari

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(SOLD) A framed ink and charcoal sketch of a nude woman dated 1965 by Mino Maccari.

Mino Maccari (1898-1989) was a renowned Tuscan artist born in Siena. Maccari studied law and briefly worked within the field, but returning from WW1 decided to dedicate himself to his passion as an artist.  He is best known for is block prints depicting political satire; the subjects resulted from his experiences during the war and his work for Italian national newspapers.  Rarer are his ink sketches, such as this one, which were softer and much more personal and depicting the more tender moments of his life.

DIMENSIONS: 22.75"H, 16.75"W, 1.25"D
MATERIAL: Paper, Ink and Charcoal,  Vintage Italian Frame
AGE: Dated 1965
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy



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