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"Super Tuscan" is a term typically associated with wine, but super Tuscan perfectly describes the look and feel of this rustic Italian antique cabinet. This walnut and pine cabinet, circa 1800, is from the Casentino Valley area in Tuscany near the city of Arezzo. This rustic cabinet was designed to fit into an alcove.  The Tuscans were practical when making furniture so the good wood, in this case the walnut wood, was used for the front and the top of the cabinet because those are the parts of the cabinet that would have be seen. A lower quality wood, in this case pine,  was used for the sides which were nestled into the wall. The Tuscans would have also sourced the wood used to make this cabinet from the surrounding area.

This cabinet has two doors with locks and keys and the hinges are of a simple rod iron construction. There is a shelf on the inside.  On the top of the cabinet you will very faintly see a few simple yet charming decorative tree and floral designs.  They are painted dark like the cabinet and you do not notice them right away. You discover them!  This cabinet today of course would not necessarily have to be used in an alcove.  The sides made of pine, which were once meant to be hidden, only add to the attractiveness and the history of this authentic Tuscan piece.

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DIMENSIONS: 43.25"H, 59.5"W, 19.5"D
MATERIAL: Walnut and Pine
AGE: CIrca 1800
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy
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