Italian Antique Pencil Drawing Of Hands

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An original Italian antique pencil drawing of hands from the 19th Century.  Ask an artist and they will tell you that the art of drawing hands and feet is  difficult and takes practice.  This has been a challenge of art students for centuries. This beautiful and seemingly simple pencil study of hands was done by Italian Florentine artist Morando Morandi while still a student. Signed by both Morandi and his professor, this is a wonderful composition.  The paper shows a bit of wear from age with some slight discoloration.  Also, pin marks show in the corners of the paper where it had been tacked up in a studio. The drawing has been custom framed using archival materials.  *This piece requires special shipping. Please contact MERCATO for a shipping quote.

Height: 29, Width: 23, Depth: 1
pencil on paper; newly framed using conservation materials
late 19th Century
Florence, Italy
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