(SOLD) Antique Print- 18th Century Etching

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(SOLD) An antique print originally from a set of 18th century prints by Italian Engraver Giacopo Giovannini (1667-1717). The antique etching print is after a series of paintings about the life of St. Benedict by Ludovico Caracci and other excellent masters of his school, in the cloister of St. Michael in Bosco di Bologna in Italy.

The edges are a bit worn as would be expected and are part of the artwork's appeal. There is a fold mark in the center of the print.  

The cover for the entire collection of prints is shown in the last photo.  The set of prints were dedicated to Ferdinando lll. the Prince of Tuscany. The cover is shown only for reference purposes and is not available.

DIMENSIONS: 24"H, 18"W (Platemark 21"H, 14.5"W)

MATERIAL: Paper, Ink

AGE: 18th Century
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