(SOLD)Italian Antique "Madia" Cabinet

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This Italian antique cabinet would make a fantastic credenza or sideboard for storage, but it functioned in a different way originally. 

This antique cabinet (a Madia) is a piece of furniture that was made for the purpose of making  and storing bread in an Italian kitchen. In Italy, these kinds of home furnishings were made locally, using whatever wood was available or common to that area.  This cabinet is from the Apennine Mountain area in Tuscany. It’s made of  pear and walnut wood and lined with pine.  The rectangular hinged lid on top opens to reveal the storage area.  The top hinged lid opens, and the front panel lifts up and would be removed to create a workspace for kneading dough.  There are two nails inside of the cabinet which conveniently supports a rolling pin.

Italians manage to do practical and everyday things in such a stylish and beautiful way. Of course you wouldn't make bread in this cabinet today, you would use it as a decorative and unique piece of furniture, that just so happens to have an interesting past.

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DIMENSIONS: 39"H, 57.25"W X 25.5"D
MATERIAL: Pear, Walnut and Pine Wood
AGE: Late 18th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany
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