(SOLD) Painting of The Trial of Galileo Galilei

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SOLD This antique oil painting is a reproduction (dated 1880) of Cristiano Banti's painting (1857) of Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition in his trial of 1633.  The colors of this painting are rich and the subject matter so interesting. Galileo had the courage to defend his belief that the earth revolved around the sun even though it was in opposition to the views of the Catholic Church and he was found guilty of heresy. He was correct of course and it is hard to believe that this would have been considered radical thinking!  

The painting shows wear and there are tears in the canvas which are noted in the gallery photos. 

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DIMENSIONS: Height: 33.5", Width: 42", Depth: .75"
MATERIAL: Wood Frame, Canvas, Oil Paint
AGE: Dated November of 1880
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