(SOLD) Whimsical Drawings of School Children

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(SOLD) Two colorful and whimsical drawings depicting school (Scuola in Italian) children by Gio Renti, dated 1981.  Adding to the whimsy, the watercolor wash drawings are on the back of a folded menu. The dinner menu was created for an event for the Istrice contrada (or the porcupine neighborhood ) in Siena, Italy and Renti was one of the event’s chefs for the evening.  

The Istrice contrada is one of 17 contrade (neighborhoods) in Siena, most  being represented by symbols or animals. These neighborhoods are highly competitive when it comes to Siena’s famous Palio horse race.

DIMENSIONS: 13.25"H, 10.25"W
MATERIAL: Paper, Watercolors
AGE: 1981
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany


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