Antique Cubby Storage Piece

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This Tuscan antique cubby storage cabinet was most likely used in a Fattore’s (the farm manager’s) office. The paint is original, the exterior is black and the interior cubbies are a light grayish blue. It looks really wonderful sitting on top of a counter or on a table ( as we have shown in the photos) being used as a desk.

There are a couple of patches of kraft like paper stuck on the top of the piece.  This could be removed but we think it adds character to the overall patina of the piece.  One patch of the paper is dated the 29th of February, 1908. 

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DIMENSIONS: 20.75"H, 51.5"W, the cubbies are 12.5"D, the legs on each side of the base are 25"D
MATERIAL: Painted Wood
AGE: Early 20th Century
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany
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