Italian Antique Cabinet With Plate Rack

$ 6,500.00
SKU: 0154

This Italian antique cabinet with a plate rack embodies rustic Tuscan furniture character. This cabinet is quite large and with the additional height of the plate rack, this unique piece would certainly be a unique focal point for any space.  Please note in the gallery photos that the plate rack, which can accommodate 10" plates, is removable. The inside of the cabinet is very old and rustic.  The top opens like bins.  On the right side of the cabinet, (above the door on the bottom) the storage bin is more shallow.  On the left side, the inside bin is the entire height of the cabinet.  The door on the bottom opens for some storage as well. 

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DIMENSIONS: Height: 83.75, Width: 62, Depth: 30  The height to the top of the cabinet without the plate rack is 43.75"
MATERIAL: Poplar wood
AGE: Late 18th century (cabinet), 19th century (plate rack)
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany
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