(SOLD) Glazed Terracotta Fish Shaped Molds- Set of Three

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(SOLD) Three rare terracotta glazed molds . Circa 1820-60, Le Marche, Italy.

The molds were purchased in a private estate sale of Palazzo Alaleona, which was also home to the renowned lyricist Domenico Alaleona.  They would have been used by the household cook to prepare fish mousses and terrines.  The Palazzo from where these antique molds came, is located in the small town of Sangiorgio which is not far from the Adriatic coast, a likely abundant source of fish for these mousses and terrines.

Today, these molds make interesting decorative objects.  The largest fish mold is decorative on both the inside and the outside as you can see in the gallery photos.  

DIMENSIONS: Large- 9.5”L X 3.5”W, 1.75”H, Medium- 6.5”L X 2.5”W, 1”H, Small- 3.5”L X 1.25”W, .75”H
MATERIAL: Glazed Terracotta
AGE: Circa 1820-60
ORIGIN/REGION: Le Marche, Italy



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