(SOLD) Large Grain Sifter - Pierced Metal Sieve

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Large Tuscan grain sifter with bentwood frame and pierced metal sieve.

I have seen many small grain sifters in Italy, but not many large ones like this. A sieve "il setaccio" like this would have been hung from a rafter in a storeroom or farmhouse and rocked gently to separate the husks from grain. Today. these sieves are used decoratively. Hung on a wall like a piece of artwork,  this large sieve would certainly make a statement. 

This is one of two large sieves available from our recent buying trip.

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DIMENSIONS: 38.25" diameter of frame- the handle extends 2" beyond the frame, 4"D
MATERIAL: Wood and pierced metal
AGE: Circa 1920
ORIGIN/REGION: Tuscany, Italy
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