(SOLD) Vintage Tuscan Cutting Board with Attached Knife

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(SOLD) This cutting board with an attached knife has so much Tuscan charm.  I’ve seen these kinds of cutting boards in places like trattorias and food markets.  Attaching the knife to the cutting board  is a clever way to keep both items together and the raised sides on the cutting boards keep the crumbs from going everywhere.  So practical.  It could still be used today but of course we always look at these kinds of things from an aesthetic point of view.  It would look nice hung on a wall in a kitchen for a little rustic Tuscan flavor or leave it on a counter and lean it against a wall with some other antique or vintage cutting boards.  It’s a unique cutting board however you end up using it.


DIMENSIONS: The board-14.75" L X 11.5"W, 2.5"D.  In the photo the length from the top of the cutting board to the end of the knife handle when straight is 21.25".
MATERIAL: Wood and Iron
AGE: Early to Mid 1900's
ORIGIN/REGION: Italy, Tuscany 


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