(SOLD)Large Italian Antique Archive Cabinet

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(SOLD) Large 18th century painted Italian archive cabinet with faux Marble baseboard, internal wooded folding step ladder and original hardware. Provenance Palazzo Frescobaldi in Florence, Italy

This antique archive cabinet is very large.  Like most large antique cabinets, it comes completely apart into sections which makes transportation easier.   Please note that the cabinet in the gallery photos is missing the top cornice piece which is the same painted green color as the rest of the cabinet.  While assembling the cabinet at the store, we discovered that we only had 1 ladder tall enough for the job. We’ll need to find another to finish this task!  There is a picture of this piece in the gallery photos and we would be happy to take more photos of this piece if you are interested.   Completely assembled, the cabinet is 8’wide, 15”deep and will be 12’4” in height.

This beautiful antique archive cabinet, with its original painted painted and hinges, includes a small folding wooded step ladder to reach the upper shelves. The cabinet comes from the Frescobaldi Palace in the Oltrarno which has stood on its current site since the early 1600's. The Frescobaldi family is one of the oldest noble families is Florence.  Their name has been associated with politics, commerce and of course wine.  They were vast landowners both in the city and the area to the south of Florence where their vineyards are still in production today.

* This cabinet will require special shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

DIMENSIONS: 12'4"H, 8'W, 15"D
MATERIAL: Painted Wood
AGE: Circa 1760
ORIGIN/REGION: Florence,Tuscany, Italy




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